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i'm amy hollyfield. live in antioch, where police say a kidnapped victim is safe even though they haven't seen or heard from him. the story coming up. >> also this morning, the family of a hiker who fell to her death from the famed half dome. questions if the park is doing enough to protect visitors. >> in washington, the senate is expected to follow the lead of the house and approve a bill raising the debt ceiling. the nation runs out of borrowing ability at midnight. >> take a live look at downtown san francisco. monitoring the cloud cover this morning. not nearly as extensive. more sunshine and warmer weather on the way. i'll tell you how high it will get. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center. we are getting first report of accident on the bay bridge and it will affect your morning commute. we'll tell you in the next ten minutes. 5:00 a.m.
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good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. our top story at 5:00, antioch police are looking for a kidnapper who terrorized a barbershop with a shotgun. overnight, the 16-year-old boy who was taken has been released. and the amber alert called off. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the antioch police department with the latest. amy? >> reporter: it's a bizarre ending, kristen. instead of seeing a happy reunion between the missing kid and the family, police say they haven't seen the kid at all. or talk to him. they insist that he is safe. they are here working the case at this hour. they insist that the 16-year-old hasan ford is okay. they haven't talked to him. but they say they have reason to believe he has reunited with his family. they canceled the statewide amber alert. he was reported missing by the owner of a barbershop in antioch. hasan works at the barbershop. the owner said a man with a sawed-off shotgun robbed the shop and demanded that hasan
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get in the car and leave with him. he said it's a moment he will never forget. he didn't want to show his face on camera. >> i can't identify him. if i see him again, i don't know who he was. i don't know what his purpose was in doing what he did. he robbed us. i don't know. i have been a barber 20 years, 20-plus years and i've never been robbed. >> and the kidnapper demanded the keys to the barbershop owner's suv. similar to this one. so he and hasan took off in the car. police have recovered the vehicle. they haven't found the suspect, though. they say he is to be considered armed and dangerous. live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thanks very much. it's the senate's turn today to vote on the measure to raise the nation's debt ceiling before the midnight deadline. after months of wrangling, the bill to avoid potential default has almost cleared capitol hill. reporter emily schmidt is in washington with a look at what has to be done today to
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make at it done deal. >> this is the sound of a debt ceiling on its way to being raised. >> ayes are 269. nays are 161. the bill is passed without objection. >> house speaker john boehner delivered the news last night, as the house passed a bipartisan deal to allow the government to borrow more money to pay the bills. >> it was a plan with plenty of opposition. >> the wrong approach for the economy at the wrong time. it goes against the basic values. >> supporters say default for the u.s. wasn't an option. >> this would affect all the people i represent and all the people of the country if we defaulted. at the very least, this bill averts that outcome. >> one of the yes votes proved especially emotional. >> arizona representative gabrielle giffords cast her first vote since being shot in the head in january. her colleagues gave her a standing ovation. >> the bill goes to the senate today. it will raise the debt
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ceiling through next year, call for more than $2 trillion in savings over the next decade, and establish a committee to look for long-term fiscal reform. >> the question is after we get this done, is there need for comprehensive deficit reduction? the answer is not only yes, but hell yes. >> in washington, i'm emily schmidt. >> now back to that moment we showed you. congresswoman gabrielle giffords returning to the house floor for the first time since she was shot in january. it was a scene both electric and deeply moving, cheers and applause growing ever louder one-by-one giffords colleagues realized she had returned. wearing glasses, you can see her hair darker and cut short since the surgery. giffords crossed the floor, sharing hugs and kisses with her fellow lawmakers. >> throughout america, there isn't a name that stirs more love, more admiration, more respect, more wishing for our daughters to be like her, than the name of
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords. thank you, gabby. [ applause [ applause ] >> she told colleagues i could not take the chance my absence could crash our economy. she cast her first vote in six months with minutes remaining in the process. then left the capitol. pg&e crews are expected to resume work to dig up an abandoned pipeline in san bruno. crews suspended work on glen view drive on saturday because nearby residents said they smelled gas, but it was actually odor added to natural gas. the pipeline segment they were digging up was abandoned in the 1950s, but part of the same pipeline system that exploded last september, killing eight people and destroying more than 30 homes. another bay area soldier has lost his life serving our country in war. daly city soldier was killed in action yesterday in afghanistan.
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he died on sunday and from daly city. military officials say his vehicle was blown up by a bomb in kenar province. he was assigned to the 25th infantry division out of hawaii. he had been promoted to sergeant in may. the grieving family are wondering if more should be done to warn people of hazards including lightning storms. the 25-year-old fell to her death on sunday. this is a photo of her taking the route a year ago that had better weather than what they encountered on sunday. >> she was halfway down when she fell off the cable. it eag up to them to make -- it's up to them to make the safety assessment and whether it's safe to
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continue on. >> this is the 14th death this year at yosemite. park investigators are conducting a full investigation. it comes two years after the death of man fell to his death from the half dome cable in rain and hailstorm. for the second time in a week, good samaritans in san jose are hail as heroes for preventing a drowning. a man was playing with his 3-year-old grand daughter in pool of apartment complex on kiely boulevard yesterday and they both ended up under water for several minutes. a swimming instructor got the grandfather out of the water, but the little girl is rescue by a young hero. >> the 9-year-old child pushed her to side of the pool to pull her out. >> the witnesses say the 9-year-old was humbled by what he did. her grandfather was taken to the hospital in serious condition. without the rescuers efforts
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both might have died. that 9-year-old saying i would do it for anybody. it's incredible. >> it is. it points out need for pool safety on days like today, this week and wakes to come, with pools are going to be the place you want to be. >> right. in south bay, inland. right, mike? >> that's where the warmest weather will be today. good morning to you. set the stage for what will happen this afternoon. first, looking up to the north. notice that the storm track is still well north. the jetstream is still down over top of us. it will bring on shore breeze. but it also brings the dry air so we have players in the mix today. you may not notice it outside but it will be brighter and warmer because of the mixtures moving one way, which is drier than yesterday. still a little bit below average this afternoon. mountain view is 61. san jose, 60. everybody else in the 50s. with a clear sky early this morning, we are right now around 50 in san rafael and napa. two areas in the 70s to 80
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degrees. san rafael around 76 to 80 at santa rosa. see the mid-to-upper 80s in east bay valley. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay shore. fremont to the south bay, where we have i'd say mid-to-upper 70s. even 80 around los gatos and possibly saratoga. hollister, 82. gilroy and morgan hill, upper 80s. mid-60s to mid-70s across the monterey bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow like today. cooling trend thursday and friday before warmer weather returns for saturday, sunday and monday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. take you to the bay bridge now. we have an accident reported westbound upper deck, just past treasure island. i'm trying to see. it looks like there might be bunching up on the upper deck as you head around the s-curve this morning. otherwise it looks like it's not affecting the traffic. and the crews there at the bay bridge can get that out of there quickly. we'll follow that for you but right now just past t.i. in the right lane an
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accident. go to san mateo northbound 101 at hillsdale. possible lane blockages there. car fire on the right lane or right shoulder. be aware of that. that is southbound 101. in san jose, again, southbound 101 at blossom hill road. accident with the possible lane blockages there. kristen, terry? >> all right, sue. ten minutes after 5:00 now. listen to this. it hasn't made a profit but it's attracting some rich followers. still ahead, the staggering new investment in twitter. >> plus the airline is about to give refund to thousands of travelers. how to find out if you are one of them. >> we can help you find a carpool companion and do a background check while you're at it.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money market. we're down overseas, even after the house voted to raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. the senate is expected to vote today. the bill cut spending close to $1 trillion with more cuts to be decided. a big reason for the market drop is yield from treasury security. the yield dropped yesterday to the lowest point since february. treasury yield affect numerous interest rates. ford is recalling 1.1 million pick-up truck because the rust could make the gas tank fall off and catch fire. it affects f-150 and 250 and lincoln blackwood pick-up. the problem blamed for eight
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fires and one injury. who is hollywood's highest paid actor? leonardo dicaprio. johnny depp was second with $50 million. adam sandler was third with $40 million. that is america's money. i'm tanya rivero. speaking of big money, twitter landed the big evening venture capital -- biggest venture capital deal. they are getting $800 million in funding from a russian company called dst global and previous investors to put the value at $8 billion. twitter says it plans to use the money to aggressively innovate, hire more people and invest in international expansion. >> there is a bay area connection to china's effort to technology standard. mercury news reports that chip maker signed a deal with china mobile, the largest carrier with 500 million subscribers.
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they will provide smart phone semi-conductors based on the technology standard advocated by china. an analyst said it could move $200 million this year alone. marine mammal center is putting out a plea for your help to find two sea lions whose neck were entangled with strands of plastic. the first of two sea lions spotted three weeks ago with a wire wrapped around its neck on pier 39. both sea lions were last seen on tuesday in good condition. that would have been tuesday last week. but the wire could hurt them over time and make it hard for them to eat food. so if you see any of the injured sea lions you are urged to call the marine mammal center immediately. welcome news for delta passengers. the airline says it will refund federal excise taxes and segment fees paid by many passengers. refunds will only apply to people who bought their ticket before the f.a.a. shut down last saturday but flew on or after that day. airlines collect the taxes for the government. but the taxes don't apply in
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the shutdown. delta says it will give refunds directly after getting more details from the i.r.s. other airlines are directing fliers directly to the i.r.s. we have a link on our website to the i.r.s. refund claim form. just go to look under see it on tv. if you are looking for a safe and effective way to carpool, there will be an app for that. zebico is on-demand app to match drivers with the nearby riders looking to carpool at the same time. if you worry about the guy in the overcoat, it gives you background checks and handles payments. the app is available in washington state. it's expected to hit the rest of the country early next year. >> kind of a social element in there. >> social, security as well. takes care of the financial. all in one. >> right. don't knock the overcoat. you might need it this morning, especially in san francisco. temperatures are colder this morning. >> cooler, especially in the north bay valley where it's clear for most of the morning.
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take a look outside to show what is going on. i don't want to ride with anybody at 2:00 in the morning. >> nobody waiting for us anyway. >> exactly. i mean, 5:17 this morning. be by yourself in the car. decompression, you know? looking downtown. we see clouds getting thicker. they are making a late charge. because of that, they will get out of here quicker. that leads to some warmer weather this afternoon. take a look at the temperatures. there you go in the north bay, 51 at santa rosa. 50 at napa and san rafael. in the 60s, combined to mountain view and san jose. you can definitely see it's cooler this morning. around the monterey bay and inland. we have the mid-to-upper 50s. until we get to gilroy where it's clear. devoid of clouds and 49 degrees. more sunshine, simple as warmer weather today. more clouds and cooler on thursday. then minor warming trend heading through the weekend. those are the three main highlights of the forecast. break it down to the further details. one degree warmer in oakland and san francisco.
5:18 am
concord in san jose jump up four, fremont and santa rosa, six and seven degrees warmer than yesterday. a look at the cloud cover. you see it trying to make a late surge in the north bay. in the east bay valleys. only quickly retreat back to the coast by noon. pockets of sunshine develop in your neighborhoods also. 60s along the coast. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. 90s, barely staying in the central valley. away from the east bay valley. all right. 80 in campbell. 81 at saratoga. 82 at los gatos. warm spot in south bay. everybody else the upper 70s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. menlo park and redwood city at 75. low to mid-60s along the coast. sun set at 63. mid-to-upper 60s downtown, san francisco, and saucelito. low 60s along the north bay beaches. 15 to 20 degrees warmer in the valley with upper 70s to low 80s. we still have rich monday and berkeley, upper 60s. while everybody else in the low to mid-70s until you get to fremont at 77 degrees. you can see the mid-to-upper 80s around the east bay
5:19 am
valleys with dublin at 84. to 89 in brentwood. we'll have 82 in hollister. upper 80s for gilroy and morgan hill. low to mid-70s. wattsonville, salinas, santa cruz. heading to the game tonight, wow, the d-backs put it on us last night. 5-2. one game behind us for first place. breezy, temperatures 61 dropping to 57. that first pitch is 7:15. 60 in fairfield at antioch. 49 in cloverdale. everybody else in the 50s. cloud cover tomorrow. any drizzle would be along the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow, a lot like today. four degrees cooler on thursday. we see a slow warming trend for friday, and saturday. then smooth sailing through sunday and monday. morning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine. have a great day. sue? >> we still have an accident westbound on the bay bridge. just past treasure island. looking here and i'm not seeing too much slowing on your upper deck from the metering lights. that is the good news.
5:20 am
ambulance on scene. right leap. stay left if you are heading westbound at the bay bridge at this hour. get the accident out of there as soon as they can. san mateo, car fire southbound 101 at hillsdale boulevard. it looks like it's out of lanes on the right shoulder there. take a look at the public transit if you are expecting the ace train. on time out of the central valley this morning. checked in with bart, muni, caltrain, ferries no, delays at all. so far, so good, as you get on your commute in earnest. check out bay area traffic. or click on bay area traffic as the case may be and check out the latest. terry, kristen? >> sue, thanks a lot. 5:20 now. coming up next, octomom. remember her? she has a new gig. next why she isn't done taki taking punches. >> bay area soldier returns from iraq and we share his happy home coming. looks like a wind mill but powered by the sun. coming up, nasa's billion-dollar robot aimed to discover origins oa's money." i'm tanya rivero. amam
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. east bay soldier is waking up at home this morning after a tour of iraq. tommy flores was greeted with hugs and kisses from family as he arrived back at hayward yesterday. flores comes from a long line of military men. he served as a gunner aboard a blackhawk helicopter. flores was assisting in the drawdown of military operations in iraq. >> a lot of installation shutting down. we were taking guys to different bases so they can go home. taking personnel and equipment. >> like most soldiers, flores is looking forward to a home cooked meal from his
5:24 am
mom. he has probably had one. not easy as a single mom. even suffer if you have 14 kids. so nadya suleman will step in the boxing ring again. she is a featured fighter in a bout near boston coming up. the southern california woman gave birth to eight babies in 2009, adding to her six other children. promoter says her fight will have three one-minute rounds. the women will wear oversized gloves and protective head gear. suleman fought a similar match in june. it was a draw. nasa's upcoming mission to jupiter can't get much greener than this. a solar-powered windmill shaped spacecraft. how is that? robotic explorer called juneau will soon become the most distant probe ever powered by the sun. juneau equipped with three tractor-trailer size solar panels for the two billion mile journey in the outer solar system. >> the biggest design challenge is their size.
5:25 am
each is 28 feet long. so we have three of them. so when the solar rays are fully deployed the juneau spacecraft is 60 feet in diameter across the solar. when we deploy them, they will generate them it will be 12 gig bites of power. not enough to run a hair drier. >> it's aboard unmanned rocket site. hope to learn more of the largest of all the planet in the solar system. the five-year mission will cost 50 cents a mile. >> break it down that way. great deal. next at 5:30 -- turning to the bay area for inspiration. the presidential council that is hoping to hear silicon valley ideas on creating jobs today. >> antioch police are still looking for a kidnapper who they say is armed and dangerous. i'm amy hollyfield. i will have a live report up next.
5:26 am
>> also next at 5:30 -- bryan stow hit from behind and attacked more than once. what court documents are revealing about the assault at dodger stadium and the men accused of that beating. >> the brutal heat wave continues around dallas. 108. st. louis, 100. heading to the east coast, mid-to-upper 90s from new york to atlanta. cool spot today, seattle. 74 degrees. all of our airports running on time this morning. anytime you travel, the flight tracker is there for you. you. [ male announcer ] kentucky grilled chicken. now with new bigger white meat breast pieces, marinated for juiciness. freshly seasoned and slow grilled by real cooks. just wait until you try this kentucky grilled chicken. it's that good. today tastes so good.
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so we made ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail with a splash of lime. it's so refreshing, your taste buds will thank you. mm... oh, you're welcome. what? my taste buds -- they're thanking me. uh-huh. good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in antioch where police canceled an amber alert, though they haven't seen or spoken to the missing child. >> the debt deal moves to the senate after gabrielle giffords makes a triumphant return to the house.
5:29 am
i am scott goldberg in washington. that story coming up. >> good morning. a live look from downtown san francisco. looking back at the port of oakland. the clouds not as extensionive. i have warmer weather on the way if you like it. it won't last long. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. we have had an earlier accident on the bay bridge. i'll give you an update on that in a few minutes. >> tuesday, 5:29. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas this morning. one vote down and up with to go. the house passed a debt plan to avoid economic disaster. today, the senate votes under the gun less than 24 hours less until the government runs out of money. all of this magnified by the emotional moment when gabrielle giffords returned to the house floor to cast her vote. scott goldberg has details. >> with two minutes left on the house clock and the debt deal still hanging in the balance, members of every political faction stopped fighting for a moment.
5:30 am
they were stunned to see arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords walk in to the house chamber for the first time since she was shot in the head in january. >> there isn't a name that stirs more laws, more admiration, more respect. >> giffords, democrat, voted yes. then the rest of the yes votes rolled in. >> even the hardest hearts, which we had a lot of hardened hearts in this debate melted when she walked in the room. >> the house passed the deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending by a margin of 269-161. the support was bipartisan. so was the head-shaking over how they got here. >> this has been a long and messy process. with any compromise, the outcome is far from satisfying. >> leaders of both party in the house spoke to diane sawyer. >> what will you be doing tomorrow? >> hopefully hiding somewhere. >> congressman weaver said
5:31 am
it's satan sandwich. >> it probably is, with satan fries on the side. >> now the deal moves to the senate. lawmakers are ready to move on. there is one person who doesn't care how ugly the process has been. gabby giffords tweeted last night, "the capitol looks beautiful. i'm honored to be at work." scott goldberg, abc news, washington. members of a presidential task force are scheduled to convene in palo alto today to talk about jobs. the president's council on jobs and competitiveness will ask for ideas how public and private sector can team up to create jobs. head of aol, netflix and chief operating officer of facebook are expected to be on hand. it will be held at the headquarters of the virtualization software developer ware ware. the white house is inviting you to submit questions through facebook or linkedin and watch it online. find out more about it on
5:32 am this morning, amber alert has been canceled but many questions remain after a 16-year-old boy reportedly kidnapped yesterday afternoon suddenly turned up free. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from the police department department. >> police are working this one. we ask the dispatcher to talk to the arresergeant for an update but they said the sergeant was busy. this is a picture of the boy that disappeared. 16-year-old hasan ford. they say he is safe but they haven't seen or talked with him but there is reason he has had contact with his family and he is okay. the amber alert was issued when owner of the barbershop was robbed with sawed-off shotgun. the 16-year-old works at the barbershop. the owner said he was ordered to the ground and did not want to be identified on television. >> at that point, when he figured out which key was mine after i told him which vehicle was mine, he got up and was leaving. at that point, hasan was
5:33 am
coming in from theer rapid he was -- of theer rapid he was running for me. and he told the hasan get the car and start it up and if you do anything wrong i'll shoot al. >> the vehicle that the suspect took off and police have recovered it. they have not found the suspect, though. they say they consider him armed and dangerous. still a lot of questions about what happened to hasan while he was gone. how do they know he is safe if they haven't seen him. stay with us. the story is still developing. live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. police in oakland hope two dozen newly rehired officers who start work this weekend will help with a recent spike in violent crime. there have been four murders in oakland and a dozen shooting in the past few days. up with of the latest was a young man who was shot and killed yesterday morning. >> really doesn't appear that any of them are
5:34 am
connected. what we are finding and hearing from the intelligence on the street, younger residents in oakland are very much armed with guns. >> with the murder rate in oakland up 40%, compared to this time last year, residents say some things have to change. many of the 24 rehired officers will patrol on saturday. los angeles prosecutors are trying to determine how the death of a key witness in the bryan stow beating will affect their case against two men now charged in the case. 26-year-old matthew lee who was also assaulted outside dodger stadium in march died on sunday of an apparent allergic food reaction. family members say he ate a salad he didn't know contained nuts. prosecutors now say luis sanchez, one of two men accused of beating stow attacked other fans before assaulting stow. they say sanchez first threw a soda at a woman inside a stadium and later threw punches at a group of young giants fans without hitting
5:35 am
anyone. they say sanchez then attacked stow and his friends twice, first shoving stow and later punching him from behind knocking to the ground and kicking him. the santa cruz paramedic and father of two suffered a brain injury. he remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. firefighters have fully pull out a grass fire that burped near homes in fairfield. the flames were spotted 4:00 yesterday afternoon. at central plaza and pittman road. the fire shut down pard of cordelia road for a while. the fire burned 100 acres and they were fortunate light winds blew smoke and flame away from nearby homes. no one injured. the cause under investigation. 5:35 now. don't know if we have light winds with us today. it seems like we are starting out a little less cloudy. check in with mike. >> the winds are the big story or the lack of them. the fact they're persistent is the reason why we're so much cooler than average over the last couple of months. good morning. look at the trough of low pressure that is pushing the
5:36 am
on shore winds our way and we'll continue to do so to keep temperatures below average. the fastest wind right now near fairfield. out of the southwest at 21 miles per hour. you can see everybody else pretty quiet. once you get below the marine layer, the winds are quiet. once you get above 2,500 feet, breezy and a lot warmer than the temperatures we're dealing with. which are cooler than yesterday. because of a lack of clouds earlier. i hate to say earlier in morning because most of you are probably just getting up. how about earlier last night. two in antioch. everybody else one to six degrees cooler. break down 8:00. see the clouds around the bay. not as prevalent in north bay and east bay valley. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. quick return of sunshine. you can see already 80s in the east bay valleys by noon. 70 in south bay and north bay. 60 along the bay shore. 4:00, we have the mid-60s, half moon bay and san francisco. mid-to-upper 70s around the bay shore to 80s inland.
5:37 am
accuweather seven-day forecast -- more of the same tomorrow. before a brief cooling trend thursday and friday. good morning, sue. >> good morning. we have good news if you commute to the bay bridge this morning. westbound, earlier accident past t.i. out of lane. the upper deck is sluggish heading toward the tunnel. so far, so good. the metering lights are off at the toll plaza. no delay there. walnut creek, southbound 680 to north main and 24 junction moving at the limit. no problems reported. you will find overnight roadwork. southbound at diablo road. the onramp is closed until 6:00. northbound 680 at el cerro, the off-ramp is closed until 6:00 a.m. san mateo bridge on your drive from hayward to foster city, westbound direction. pardon me, the taillight of the westbound direction. taillight in eastbound. no problems reported. kristen, terry? >> thanks a lot. 5:37. >> getting a taxi could
5:38 am
become easier in san francisco; however, you may think twice before doing it. what it could cost you still ahead. >> a real food fight. food truck transforms a south bay neighborhood to a fastfood joint. why some neighbors say it's got to go. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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[ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want a world with fewer chemicals. we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean. tough on stains. gentle on skin. new all free clear oxi-active. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. i know some of you are walking around the house, not watching the tv screen and getting the news to get
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ready for the day's work but walk over to the sweep but that is a -- walk over to screen. that is spectacular picture from mount diablo. gorgeous, golden sunrise on the way. mike nicco taking a picture of the screen. are you tweeting that? yes, he is. tweeting it. if you can't get to the sweep, you can still see it later. >> all right. now that you are in front of your tv, grab a cup of coffee and stay a while. we have more news coming up. director of the transportation municipal transportation agency will make it easier to catch a cab but it will cost more. they are going to add to the current fleet of 1,500 vehicles. "san francisco examiner" says it will include part-time permits. many cabbies oppose the increased competition but it could come with metering hike to raise cost of three-mile trip by more than $2. tomorrow, san jose officials will decide whether a food truck in the front yard of a home can stay in business.
5:42 am
as abc7's tomas roman reports some say they are fed up with the noise. >> the food cart offering dollar tacos popped up three weeks ago. e-mail sent to the police and code enforcement department claims the food cart and what looks like restaurant seating in the driveway attracts too many people, including gangs in the neighborhood. they also claim it's unsanitary. the woman didn't want to be identified. >> they take the whole parking lot. no place for us to park. customers drive the whole street, even the driveway. they spill oil, and where the water should be. >> not all neighbors are upset. allen lives across the street. >> cool thing. >> does it cause problems you know of? >> i haven't seen problems at all. >> the biggest issue is operators turn the driveway of the home he rents to a restaurant. >> it's not a permitted use in residential neighborhood. particularly because of the impact the neighbors describe. noise, traffic, parking, all the things we don't want impacting our neighborhood.
5:43 am
>> mike hand o -- mike hannon believes it was operating without permit. but the owner produced tax form, business license. he says no one complained to him and says if he loses this, he and two others lose the only income they have. "i don't know what to say, i have done everything i can. if i lose this, i don't have another job. if i knew there was a problem, i would have fixed it." the future of the small business will be decided op wednesday, when code enforcement investigator and the owner of the property will come out to find out if it's got any future at all. in san jose, i'm tomas roman, abc7 news. 5:43 now. prepaid cell phones are coming to 7-eleven. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> turkey blamed for salmonella outbreak across the country. the government has not issued a recall. that is coming up, too. >> technology helping a bay area city figure out who is crossing the street and how
5:44 am
much time they need to do it. >> and a renaissance blossoms in richmond. next, the program hoping to transform one of the bay area most notorious neighborhoods.
5:45 am
5:46 am
all right. welcome back. 5:46. a look at live doppler7 h.d. quiet across the state. talk about a forecast that still has a threat of thunderstorms around palm springs but not in yosemite at 91.
5:47 am
tahoe sunshine, 80 at lake level. warmer in the central valley with the low to mid-90s. 101 in fresno. 77 in san diego. 62 in eureka. terry? >> thank you, mike. federal officials now say contaminated ground turkey may be to blame for killing one person and sickening dozens more across the country. the government has not said who produced the meat or issued any recall. here is what we do know. 76 people in 26 states have gotten sick from salmonella poisoning since march, including six from california. it's a particular difficult strain to treat. so far, all the agricultural department is telling consumers is make sure they properly cook their meat. riding a bike should be safer in an east bay city because of new smarter traffic signals. abc7's jonathan bloom has more on what could be a trend-setting change in pleasanton.
5:48 am
>> big wide intersections like in foothill boulevard and pleasanton could be dangerous for people on a bike. >> one thing is we would get green and start to pea dal and see it turn yellow or red. >> i've been stuck quite a few times. >> cyclist evan haas knows the problem too well. smart traffic bikes that are too dumb to notice bicycle. sometimes they turn red too quickly and other times they never turn green. >> i'll wait for five minutes and eventually i'll go to the crosswalk to wait for that and walk across with my bike. >> in pleasanton, all of that has changed. >> it comes in the detection area. light it up. >> they call it intersector. it look like a radar gun mounted next to a traffic light. it fires microwaves in the intersection. when they bounce back, it can tell if it is looking at a car, pedestrian or yes, a bicycle. >> it can tell the traffic controller there is a bicycle here. and provide the extra time it needs to get across the intersection. >> on the computer screen, the back numbers are cars. number 22 is the blue box
5:49 am
around is it a bike. the computer will give the bike extra ten seconds to cross the intersection. if there is no bike, computer speeds up to traffic signal to get the cars through. >> it will improve the road for bicyclists and the drivers alike. >> east bay bicycle coalition is thrilled at the technological first and hopes it won't be the last. >> we would love to see technology used in other cities and great to see pleasanton take the lead. >> in pleasanton, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> kristen has been online, as she often is in commercial break and story and you have come up with something that ties in the weather. >> air conditioned jacket designed in japan draws air in, evaporates the sweat. good idea. >> that's a trick. >> that would be neat. but we don't need it right now. not these weeks. relatively cool. >> you need another jacket to keep you warm. >> yeah. >> look outside -- >> the old fashioned kind. >> maybe you can turn it off in the morning and turn it on. >> idea for us.
5:50 am
>> there you go. take someone else's idea and make it better. >> put in a heater. >> a heater? >> in the jacket, actually a heater? >> turn it up warmer. [ laughter ] >> this you go. all right. >> i'm the guinea pig. thank you, kristen. >> hook up batteries to terry and see what happens. look from volmer peak to diablo. isn't that a gorgeous sunrise about to take place? the colors of the morning giving way to colors of the afternoon. warmer weather is on the way inland today. look at the lack of clouds and how cool it is up in the north bay. look at san rafael, 46. napa, 49. santa rosa, 51. everybody else to 50s and 60 in mountain view and san jose. monterey bay, inland to salinas, mid-to-upper 50s. gilroy clear and 49. pretty straightforward forecast. more sunshine. warmer today. than the clouds. stronger sea breeze will cool temperatures thursday and friday. they will start to taper which allows a minor warming
5:51 am
trend in to the weekend. a small, baby roller coaster of temperatures the next seven days. today, east bay valley, closer to average. but still well short with the mid-to-upper 80s. we get close to 90 in brentwood. 58 in danville and pleasanton. upper 60s, richmond and berkeley. low to mid-#0s in the east bay shore. 77 for the warm spot in fremont. 77 is the cool spot in the south bay at sunnyvale. 79 at san jose. low 80s around campbell, los gatos and saratoga. millbrae to palo alto. mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast. half moon bay at 64. is up seth at 63 -- mid-to-upper 60s in downtown san francisco and saucelito. mid-70s around san rafael and vallejo. upper 70s to low 80s through the rest of north bay valley. monterey bay, monterey, carmel, pacific grove. mid-60s for you. 82 in hollister. you can see the warmer weather afternooned morgan hill and gilroy with the upper 80s.
5:52 am
heading out to at&t, 7:15, first pitch. took one on the chin last night, 5-2 loss. diamondbacks are one game behind the giants for first place in the n.l. west. 61 to 57. might be a faster breeze today than yesterday. a little drizzle is possible along the coast tonight. most of us in the 50s to near 60 in fairfield and antioch. a look at the persistent trough of low pressure that is just sitting on the west coast. keeping us cooler than average. today, dry air mixes out the clouds. that's why we will see a little temperature rise inland. in fact, we keep it warm tomorrow. then it drops thursday and friday before resurgence of below normal warmth saturday, sunday, monday. it gives way to afternoon sunshine. good morning, sue. >> we have police activity to take you to in san leandro. eastbound 583, the right lanes blocked with the police activity. they should be on the scene for quite some time now. we will be following that. we're sending a live camera
5:53 am
shot there in a bit. we have it for you in san leandro. if you are going with a.c. transit, running on time. ferry is a great way to go. no problems on the bay today. san rafael, take a live shot here. southbound 101. as you head from lucas valley road to civic center moving at the limit. northbound no, problem either. once you come to the civic center area, southbound toward corte madera to the golden gate bridge no, problem. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that. smooth ride through toll plaza through metering lights. that remain off at this hour in san francisco. is the website for the latest. click on bay area traffic. kristen? >> thanks a lot, sue. 5:53. >> bad news this morning for ford and honda. >> jane king has this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. nearly two-third of americans consider themselves excellent
5:54 am
drivers. yet, allstate survey shows majority of respondent exceed the speed limit. it doesn't stop there. more than half has driven to the point they are nodding off at the wheel. ford recalling 1 million trucks including the top-selling f-150. the national highway safety administration says the defect led to fires and one injury. consumer report has a recommended status and review said it scored poorly due to decline in agility. the magazine called the ride choppy and says there is more road noise compared to the last civic. how is this for convenience? 7-eleven now selling pre-paid cell phone from t-mobile. no contract handset for $29.ed 99 plus taxes and fees and it even has a camera. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. surveillance video from a san francisco cabby is helping police put together a case against a robbery
5:55 am
suspect. take a look at it. the video shows a woman walking near the intersection of polk and francisco. look at that. a man violently snatches her cell phone from her hand. but an luxor cab driver saw it go down two weeks ago and the camera in his vehicle was rolling. he helped get victim in his cab and followed the suspect. the cabby is praised for his quick thinking by police who are able to make an arrest. governor brown signed a bill banning making and selling of caffeinated beer in california. california becomes the seventh state to take such action on the drinks. critics say the beverages target young people with a sweet flavor, hiding the taste of alcohol. drinks came under fire after several incidents were reported involving college students drinking too much. and requiring hospitalization. teenagers in richmond have a new way to discover new talents, while escaping the street of the city's dangerous iron triangle. the energy of hip-hop
5:56 am
dancers fills one of the rooms at the east bay center for the performing arts. musicians practice their craft in other parts of the building. it helps develop actor, poet and authors training in film. >> i think the thing is here we don't preach to them. we just say we are here to build your skills. >> i'm in chorus here. i have thought i was an alto but turns out i can do high notes, too. >> we have a dream in life. we all try to do something with our lives. so, every one of them tries to be the best they can be. [ music ] >> i think they're also teaching sax there as well. sounds that way. the youngsters will showcase their best in the monthly series of performances and other events. that's coming up in october. >> that whet our appetite. now we'll go see it. >> get you going. 5:56 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 -- the peninsula hospital that now says one of the mail room employees walked away with hundreds of patient records.
5:57 am
>> antioch police are behind closed doors working a case that had a unique ending. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll explain coming up. t
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm amy hollyfield. live in antioch, where police say a kidnap victim is safe, even though they

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